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What Is The Process of Tube Mill Machine?

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The process of the tube mill machine is a complex and precise process, mainly including the following steps:

Material Preparation: Firstly, according to the design requirements, purchase the required steel, steel plates, and other auxiliary materials. These materials need to undergo strict quality inspection to ensure they meet the production requirements.

Material Feeding Cart: The material feeding cart moves the raw material steel coils or steel plates from the warehouse or storage area to the feeding position of the production line, providing the necessary raw materials for production.

Leveling steel strip: The steel plates are passed through a milling machine to shape them, removing the edges on both sides of the steel plates to achieve the required shape, length, width, parallelism, and other standards for the straight seam steel pipe.

Shearing and Welding Machine Processing: The shearing and welding machine can accurately trim and cut the welding interfaces, ensuring the flatness and dimensional accuracy of the welding interfaces, thereby ensuring welding quality and product consistency.

Roll Forming: The forming machine uses roller molds to bend, fold, and shape the steel strips or steel plates, forming them into the shape of steel pipes.

High-Frequency Welding: Welding is a critical step in the production of straight seam welded pipes. Before welding, the steel plates are usually preheated to eliminate internal stress and improve formability. Then, the steel plates are welded using welding processes such as high-frequency welding, submerged arc welding, and argon arc welding, depending on production needs and material characteristics.

Weld Seam Inspection: After welding is completed, weld seam inspection is required. This usually includes ultrasonic testing and radiographic testing to inspect the material on both sides of the weld seam, ensuring welding quality meets standards.

Medium-Frequency Annealing: Medium-frequency annealing is a process for annealing welded pipes. Its purpose is to eliminate stress and hardening generated during the welding process, improve the plasticity and toughness of the weld seam, reduce deformation and cracking of welded pipes, and improve the microstructure and mechanical properties of the pipes, thereby improving product quality.

Air Cooling Roller Conveyor: The air cooling roller conveyor is used to convey the welded pipes from the welding machine to the next process. Its function is to smoothly transport the heat-treated welded pipes to the next process through the roller conveyor system, for subsequent processing or treatment. The air cooling roller conveyor can also provide cooling for the welded pipes, allowing them to reach the appropriate temperature for subsequent processing.

Steel Pipe Sizing and Straightening: The welded steel pipes are sized and straightened by shaping equipment to make the pipe shape round and smooth.

Water Cooling System: The water cooling system is mainly used to cool the welding equipment and the working environment. In the production line of high-frequency straight seam welded pipes, the water cooling system is usually used to cool the welding electrodes, electromagnetic induction coils, and other equipment and process components that generate heat, to ensure stable operation of the equipment and welding quality. The water cooling system can also be used to cool the welded pipes on the air cooling roller conveyor to accelerate their cooling rate.

Flying Saw Cutting: The steel pipes are cut into pipes of a certain length using a cold-cut saw or a computer-controlled hot saw for subsequent handling and use.

Steel Pipe Stacking: The steel pipe stacking machine can automatically stack the sorted steel pipes to form neat stacks, saving storage space and improving storage efficiency.

Each of these steps plays a crucial role in the production of high-frequency straight seam welded pipes, ensuring quality and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.





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