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Main equipment of pipe mill line

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What is a pipe mill?

A pipe mill refers to equipment specialized in producing various types of steel pipes. In a pipe mill, steel is processed through a series of techniques to manufacture pipes of various specifications and sizes, meeting the requirements of different industries and applications. The products of pipe mills are widely used in industries such as oil and gas transportation, construction, mechanical manufacturing, automotive, and others.

What are the main equipment in the pipe mill production line?

1. Uncoiler:

  Uncoils hot-rolled steel coils and feeds them into the straightening machine. There are two types of uncoiling: top uncoiling and bottom uncoiling.


2. Steel strip straightener:

  Straightens the strip steel before forming. Typically consists of upper and lower supports, transmission devices, etc., with configurations such as five-roll and seven-roll. In welded pipe production lines, there are usually pinch rolls before the straightening machine.


3. Shearing and welding machine:

  Ensures continuous production by shearing irregular ends of the strip steel, aligning and welding them together to form a continuously producible strip steel.

4. Coil accumulator:

  To facilitate continuous pipe production, a coil accumulator must be installed before the shearing and welding station, allowing the stored strip steel to be continuously fed out during the preparation of feeding, uncoiling, shearing, and welding operations, ensuring uninterrupted production.

5. Edge milling machine:

  For strip steel above 10mm, edge milling is necessary to ensure welding quality. The equipment typically consists of two sets of horizontally arranged milling cutter discs on both sides of the strip steel, control systems, transmission systems, etc. This greatly improves welding quality and reduces material consumption.

6. Pipe mill forming machine:

  Can be divided into spiral welded pipe forming machines and straight seam welded pipe forming machines. Spiral welded pipe forming machines operate on the principle of three-roller bending, divided into external control and internal control types; straight seam welded pipe forming machines include straight seam resistance roller forming and straight seam submerged arc welding squeeze forming.

7. Pipe mill rolls:

  Rolls are the main dies for high-frequency welded pipes and cold-formed steel production and are the main consumables. Rolls are classified into cast rolls and forged rolls according to manufacturing methods; according to process methods, they are classified into integral rolls and composite rolls. Their quality directly affects the product's quality, output, and cost.

8. High-frequency welding unit:

  Utilizes the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency currents to rapidly heat the metal at the welding point to the molten state, achieving welding through extrusion. High-frequency welding typically uses a current frequency range of 300-450KHz and a power range of 100-1000KW. Solid-state high-frequency welding machines are currently advocated.

9. Sizing machine:

  Sizing machines typically consist of several horizontally driven stands and passive vertical stands, as well as correction devices, to ensure the accuracy of the outer diameter and cross-sectional shape of the steel pipe, and to improve stress concentration and residual stresses during forming and welding production.

10. Internal burr removal:

  In ERW welded pipe processes, this device is used to remove burrs inside the welded pipe. Commonly used is the double-direction hydraulic internal burr removal device. It mainly consists of shafts, neck hydraulic cylinders, linkage mechanisms, and tool height adjustment mechanisms. Ring-shaped cutters are preferred.

11. Length cutting machine:

  An essential equipment in continuous production lines for pipes and profiles. It achieves high-precision length cutting under online operation conditions. Cutting methods include sawing, rotary cutting, and punching, with drive systems such as DC servo drive systems and AC servo drive systems, controlled by microcomputers for length cutting.

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