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What Materials Are Used in Erw Tube Mill Machine?

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Resistance welding is a common method for joining tubes. The Erw tube mill is suitable for producing various types of steel tubes with different materials, such as common carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and so on.

The manufacturing process of Erw welded tubes is highly efficient and includes the following steps: feeding of steel coils, shear and weld, spiral accumulator, edge trimming or milling, strip forming, high-frequency welding, internal and external burr cleaning, online weld seam inspection, weld seam intermediate frequency annealing, sizing straightening, length cutting, sampling flattening, and tube collection and bundling for storage.

The raw materials commonly used are carbon steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. For stainless steel coils, the Erw tube mill typically utilizes the TIG welding process, while for galvanized coils, a zinc coating machine is required on the tube production line to ensure the smoothness and corrosion resistance of the galvanized steel tubes.

In general, an Erw tube mill consists of the following main components:

Main structural components: These provide support and stability to the machine and are typically made of structural steel or ductile iron.

Tube mill rolls: Crucial for forming tubes from steel strips or sheets, rolls are usually made of high-quality alloy steel or tool steel for wear resistance.

Electronic control system: Manages and monitors the operation of the tube mill, comprising sensors, PLC controllers, touch screens, and other components.

Transmission system: Transmits power and motion using gears, belts, chains, etc., with gears often made of alloy steel or cast iron and belts/chains made of rubber or metal.

Lubrication system: Ensures smooth operation and cooling with components like oil pumps, pipelines, and coolers, made from various metals and plastics.

Roller pressure system: Controls the pressure and spacing of rollers during tube forming, typically including hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic components, etc.

Welding system: Facilitates tube welding with high-frequency induction welding equipment, welding heads, cooling systems, etc.

Erw tube mills involve a variety of materials and processes, tailored to specific product requirements and customer needs. If you're interested in tube mill machinery, please contact us.





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