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What factors affect the grinding quality of saw blades?

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  1. When there is a problem with the congenital defects of the substrate, no matter what kind of equipment is used, there will be grinding errors. The defects include large deformation of the substrate, inconsistent thickness, and large tolerance of the inner hole. Among them, the large deformation of the substrate will cause deviations on the two side angles and the inner hole of the substrate. The large deviation will cause the deviation of the diameter jump; the inconsistent thickness of the substrate will cause deviations in the relief angle and the rake angle of the blade. If the accumulated working difference is too large, the quality and accuracy of the saw blade will be seriously affected.

  2. The structure of the gear grinding machine also has an influence on the grinding of the teeth. The grinding quality of the alloy circular saw blade depends on the structure and assembly of the model. At present, there are about two types of models in the market: one is the German Vulmer type, and this type of model adopts The advantages of vertical grinding are that it adopts hydraulic stepless motion. The blade is flexible and reliable, the teeth are positioned accurately, the positioning center of the saw blade is firm and automatically centered, adjustable at any angle, the cooling and flushing is reasonable, the man-machine interface is realized, the grinding precision is high, and the pure grinding machine is reasonably designed; the second type is Taiwan and Japan models, There are gears and mechanical gaps in the mechanical transmission, the sliding accuracy of the dovetail is poor, the smooth performance of the clip is low, the adjustment of the center of the support is difficult, the tooth extraction mechanism or reliability is poor, the two sides of the plane and the left and right rear corners are not ground in the same center, resulting in large deviation and angle. It is difficult to control, and it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of mechanical wear.

  3. Welding factors, the alloy alignment deviation during welding is large, which affects the grinding accuracy, resulting in a large pressure on one side of the grinding head and a small pressure on the other side, and the above-mentioned factors are also caused by the relief angle, poor welding angle, and human unavoidable factors. Grinding wheel and other factors have an unavoidable impact.





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