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Use of TENGDI high frequency welded pipe mill

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The specific process flow of high-frequency welded pipe equipment is as follows: open the end of the steel coil, straighten it and send it to the subsequent equipment. After uncoiling, the strip is flattened, the head and tail are cut, the material is cut with a disc, and the tape is rewound. The raw material is fixed in length and width, and is cut into the corresponding width according to the actual length of the pipe. Type I groove is usually used for welding, which can make the heating uniform along the thickness direction, and the groove preparation is easy. After uncoiling, continue to flatten the strip, cut the head and tail, and cut the butt weld to ensure the continuous production of the forming unit. After passing through the horizontal spiral looper, the strip is checked for defects in the middle by non-destructive testing, and then the strip is stored in the looper unit for use in the forming unit.

The prepared steel strip enters the continuous forming high-frequency welded pipe equipment, and is gradually bent under the action of extrusion rollers until it is rolled into a round pipe. The two edges of the strip are heated to the welding temperature by a high-frequency welder, and then pressure-welded by squeeze rollers. After that, the internal and external burrs formed on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe by the extruded molten metal or plastic metal are removed by the deburring device. After a period of air cooling, the welded pipe is water-cooled so that the welded pipe is no longer bent and deformed by air cooling. The cross-section of the steel pipe of the extrusion roller has a certain vertical ellipticity, and the outer diameter is slightly larger than the finished pipe. In order to obtain accurate steel pipe outer diameter and cross-sectional shape, after water cooling, the welded pipe of the high-frequency welding machine must be cold calibrated with a sizing machine. Welded pipes of fixed length shall be cut to fixed length or double length in motion, provided that the corresponding tolerance requirements are met.

High-frequency welded pipe equipment has been widely used in chemical, petrochemical, electric power, building structures and other industries due to the maturity and excellent performance of forming welding technology. The main function of the equipment is to use it when installing the pipeline. There are many plumbing products on the market now, and each plumbing has its own characteristics. Plumbing products play an important role in the market and are also a necessity in life. In addition, the wall thickness of the pipe is relatively large, which can meet the requirements of general pipes, and the pipe making precision is high. Another point is stable performance and high output.

High-frequency pipe welding equipment can be used for welding bimetallic composite pipes such as air-conditioning copper pipes and air-conditioning copper pipes, air-conditioning copper pipes and seamless steel pipes. For welding bimetal composite pipes. After welding, the appearance is beautiful, solid and round, the heating is uniform, and there is no leakage or leakage of welding. The advantages of high-frequency welded pipe equipment at work are also very obvious, such as fast induction heating, high efficiency, energy saving, and low cost compared with oxygen welding. Small oxidation area, energy saving and low cost, small oxidation area, beautiful appearance after welding, uniform heating, no risk of missing welding. In fact, the equipment has high efficiency, fast welding speed, 1-5 seconds per tooth, good repeatability, good repeatability per tooth, fast and uniform heating speed, which can effectively avoid cracks caused by saw tooth aging and local overheating, and can also avoid Safety hazards such as missing teeth caused by incomplete melting in the melting furnace. High frequency welded pipe equipment has serrated woodworking saw blades with high performance and toughness.





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