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What are the main functions of high frequency welded tube mill

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Due to the maturity of high-frequency welded pipe forming and welding technology and its excellent performance, high-frequency welded pipe machines are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, electric power, building structures and other industries. The main function of the equipment is to use it when installing the pipeline.

There are many plumbing products on the market now, and each plumbing has its own characteristics. Pipeline products play a big role in the market, and they are also products that are needed in life.

When high-frequency welded pipe machines develop in the market, they generally have more development prospects. High-frequency welded pipe machines can gain a better foothold in the market and are relatively stable at the same time. In addition, the pipe-making wall thickness is relatively large, which can meet the requirements of general-purpose pipes, and the pipe-making precision is high. Another point is stable performance and high output.

The high-frequency pipe welding machine can be used to weld bimetal composite pipes, such as: air-conditioning copper pipes and air-conditioning copper pipes, air-conditioning copper pipes and seamless steel pipes. For welding bimetal composite pipes. After welding, the shape is exquisite, strong, round, heated evenly, and there are no missing or missing solder joints.

The advantages of the high-frequency pipe welding machine are also very obvious at work:

Induction heating is fast and efficient. Compared with oxygen welding, it is energy-saving and low-cost. The oxidation area is small, and the appearance is exquisite after welding. Heating is uniform, there is no risk of missing soldering or missing soldering.

In fact, the equipment has high efficiency, fast welding tooth speed, 1-5 seconds/tooth, and its repeatability is good, each tooth has good repeatability, heating is rapid and uniform, and it can effectively avoid cracking caused by jagged aging and local overheating. It can avoid safety hazards such as tooth loss caused by incomplete fusion in the melting gold furnace.





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