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Tube Mill Production Process Flow(II)

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The main tube mill production line processes are as follows:

VI. Straightening Process

1. Before hoisting materials, check whether the specifications of the lifted steel pipes are the required straightened pipes, and arrange them neatly on the straightening frame.

2. Before starting the machine, conduct a comprehensive check of the straightening machine's various systems. Report any anomalies to relevant authorities immediately.

3. After starting the straightening machine, place the steel pipes one by one on the transmission roller track. Only place the second steel pipe after the first one has passed through the straightening machine to avoid accidents on the transmission roller track.

4. Adjust the straightening roller pressure according to the straightening effect, ensuring it is not excessive.

5. Clean up the waste, oxide scale, or other debris around the machine promptly to ensure a tidy work environment and smooth operation.

6. In case of a sudden jamming accident during straightening, stop the machine immediately and then deal with it. When handling, use specialized tools, and avoid direct manual handling.


VII. End Facing Process

 Before work, adjust the position of the facing tools according to the specifications of the processed steel pipe, replace the corresponding chuck specifications, and adjust the height position of the stepping beam teeth plate. When installing the tool, ensure that the blade edges of the two milling cutters on each power head are as consistent as possible with the tool surface height. Insert the tool into the tool disc chuck and lock it with screws. The radial position should be determined according to the pipe diameter, and when chamfering is required, adjust the tool installation angle according to the chamfer angle. It should be noted that the radial position of the chamfering tool should be as accurate as possible, and the roundness of the steel pipe should be higher than the national standard requirements. If necessary, a template should be used for alignment.


VIII. Hydrostatic Testing Process

1. Before starting the machine, conduct a comprehensive check of whether all systems of the hydrostatic testing machine are operating normally. Report any anomalies to relevant authorities immediately.

2. Set the "manual/auto" switch on the control panel to the manual position, and the system enters manual mode. In manual operation, the sealing ring must be pressurized only after the head reaches the position.

3. After the high-pressure water inside the steel pipe is released, release the pressure on the sealing ring to prevent damage.

4. In case of emergency equipment failures, immediately shut down the equipment to eliminate faults.

5. Set the "manual/auto" switch on the panel to the automatic position, and the system will enter automatic operation.

6. During automatic operation, adjust the flushing time, pressure holding time, and required pressure value according to the situation.

7. In case of emergency equipment failure during automatic operation, switch the switch to the stop position, and after troubleshooting, use manual operation to return each work status to the initial position.


IX. Packaging and Labeling Printing Process

1. Depending on the number of bundles and estimated weight, select steel wire ropes with safety assurance to lift large bundles of steel pipes. The two ropes should be of appropriate length and spacing, and after lifting, the load should be balanced without swaying, and it is prohibited to lift with one end higher than the other.

2. Perform printing according to the requirements of the production process card.

3. Stack the packaged finished steel pipes by specification, arrange them neatly, and add spacers between layers for easy threading. The stack should not be too high, generally up to five layers, but no more than six layers, leaving a pedestrian passage between stacks.






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