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Large Diameter Square Tube Forming Process Method

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In recent years, as various countries invest in capital construction, major municipal projects and construction projects in various places have increasingly adopted the form of steel structures. Square and rectangular steel pipes have the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable stress, and relatively simple node processing. It is widely used as a steel component in the truss structure system and curtain wall support system of airport terminals, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, etc. The traditional forming process of cold-formed square and rectangular steel pipes is to gradually roll hot-rolled steel coils into round pipes through multiple forming units at room temperature, and then roll the round pipes into square tubes through the shaping unit. This is called "indirect forming." "Square" process, which consumes high energy, has complex manufacturing process and low yield rate.


In view of the above existing technical problems and deficiencies,Square Tube forming process method with low energy consumption, high yield, simple production and good quality is provided:

The plate is directly bent into a square rectangle according to the designed process size. The process method includes a rough forming section, a fine forming section, a welding section and a shaping section. The rough forming section uses a set of combined rollers to pass the plate through the rough forming unit. Several passes of roll bending. First, complete the first bending angle, which is the upper two R arc angles of the pipe, and then complete the second bending angle, which is the two R arc angles on the bottom surface of the pipe. The plate is preformed into a square or rectangular shape. Combined rollers It is suitable for various square and rectangular specifications. All bottom rollers of the combined roller are fixed rollers, and the upper roller and side rollers are electrically adjusted online. The finishing section adopts a three-section roller with an upper roller, a fixed bottom roller, and electric side rollers. The opening and closing adjustment of the precision forming unit, the rolls in each section of the three-section roller are shared; the welding section uses high-frequency welding method to weld and close the square and rectangular opening in the welding unit, and the side extrusion roller of the welding unit is Combined rollers with electric opening and closing adjustment; the shaping section adopts a shaping unit in which the upper roller is a combined roller, the bottom roller is a fixed roller, and the side rollers are adjusted by electric opening and closing.

square tube special /Tube mill

Since direct bending is used, manufacturing is convenient, and dimensional accuracy is controlled and guaranteed. The four corners of the base material are basically gradually bent and formed under the action of the forming rollers in each pass, and the original shape is better maintained. Mechanical properties; from the perspective of the metallographic structure of the profile, the direct forming process is used, only the angle bending deformation, the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the rest of the profile are close to the base material, with little change, good cold bending performance, impact toughness All are higher than the national standard requirements; in the rough forming production process of square and rectangular steel, a set of combined rollers can be used to produce square and rectangular pipes of 150mm×150mm∽500mm×500mm and wall thickness of 5mm∽19mm, realizing multiple varieties and specifications. Processing and forming enables production companies to greatly reduce production costs, greatly reduce energy consumption, and improve yield rates; electric roll adjustment can be performed online to change product specifications, without the need for offline roll replacement. The rolls can be adjusted to the process requirements. Improved production efficiency.





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