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What is an ERW pipe mill?

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Unlike other welding machines, ERW tube millmachines have more functions and uses than single welding. ERW tube mill machines can not only weld various metal materials, but can also be used for heat penetration, melting, heat treatment and other processes.

The production process mainly depends on the product variety. From raw materials to finished products, a series of processes are required. Completing these processes requires corresponding mechanical equipment and welding, electrical control, and testing devices. These equipment and devices are classified according to different process requirements. A variety of reasonable arrangements, typical processes of high-frequency welded pipes: slitting - uncoiling - strip leveling - head and tail shearing - strip butt welding - loop storage - forming - welding - deburring - sizing - flaw detection - flying cutting ―Initial inspection-steel pipe straightening-pipe section processing-hydraulic test-flaw detection-printing and coating-finished product.

ERW tube mill

The ERW tube mill machine feeds a steel strip of a certain specification into the machine, curls the steel strip into a pipe blank through a forming roller, and then uses the proximity effect and skin effect of high frequency to quickly heat the pipe edge to the welding temperature. The welding is completed under the extrusion force, and then the steel pipes of the required specifications are cooled, sized and roughly straightened.

erw pipe mill

Working principle of ERW tube mill  machine

First of all, in the ERW tube mill machine, a unique set of electronic circuits converts the low-frequency alternating current (50Hz) input from the power grid into high-frequency alternating current (generally above 20,000Hz). After the high-frequency current acts on the inductor coil (the induction coil) , which is converted into a high-frequency magnetic field through the principle of electromagnetic induction, and acts on metal objects in the magnetic field; the eddy current effect is used to generate an induced current in the metal object that is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field. This vortex is affected by the skin effect. The higher the frequency, the more concentrated it is on the surface of metal objects. When eddy current flows in a metal object, it uses the principle of current heating effect to generate heat with the help of its internal resistance. This heat is generated directly inside the object. Therefore, the heating speed is fast and the efficiency is high. Can melt any metal instantly. Heating speed and temperature are controllable. This equipment is especially suitable for heat treatment quenching, annealing, metal diathermy forging, extrusion molding, solder welding, etc.

What are the forging applications of ERW tube mill machines? 1. The steel plate is heated and bent. 2. Through-heat forming of standard parts and fasteners. 3. Hardware tools, such as pliers, wrenches, etc., are formed by heating. 4. Extrusion of the taper shank of the exploration drill pipe. 5. Steel pipes are formed by heat forming such as elbows, etc.

What should we pay attention to when using high-frequency pipe welding machines?

1. You should not start the machine without knowing the structure, performance or operating procedures of the machine.

2. The mold should not be inspected or adjusted while the machine is working.

3. When the machine discovers serious oil leakage or other abnormal conditions (such as unreliable movement, loud noise, vibration, etc.), it should stop the machine to analyze the cause and try to remove it. It is not allowed to put into production while sick.

4. Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity.

5. It is forbidden to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider, and the height of the mold shall not be less than 600mm.

6. The grounding of electrical equipment must be firm and reliable.

7. At the end of each day's work: put the slider in the appropriate position.





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