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The Hangzhou Asian Games opened successfully.

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On August 24, a press conference was held on the 30-day countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games. Ma Liyang, director of the Hangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, introduced the latest situation on the carbon neutrality of the Asian Games.

Currently, green and low-carbon development and addressing climate change have become global consensus. In order to further implement the dual-carbon strategy and practice the concept of green hosting, the Hangzhou Asian Games proposed the goal of creating the first carbon-neutral Asian Games in April 2022.

Ma Liyang introduced that the carbon neutrality work of the Hangzhou Asian Games has been steadily advanced in accordance with the "Implementation Guidelines for Carbon Neutrality of Large-scale Events (Trial)" and other relevant regulations, and has achieved phased results. At present, special actions such as green venue construction, green energy supply, green operation management, and "waste-free Asian Games" construction are being carried out smoothly to minimize carbon emissions during the preparations for the Asian Games. Among the 56 competition venues of the Hangzhou Asian (Paraly) Games, only 12 are newly built; new energy vehicles and new energy machinery are given priority to reduce carbon emissions during the operation period of the venues.

With the strong support from various units and the active participation of the general public, the Green Asian Games is becoming a national event. The Asian Games Organizing Committee issued ten green office initiatives to reduce carbon emissions in the office sector; the "Green Asian Games Low Carbon With You" sponsors corporate green actions, and 45 units have donated carbon quotas, carbon credits, carbon inclusive benefits, etc. for carbon offsets A total of 1.068 million tons; the "Everyone has 1 kilogram to help the Asian Games carbon neutrality" campaign has been launched vigorously, with 106 million people participating; the "I Plant a Tree for the Asian Games" campaign has attracted more than 18 million people, and more than 48 million trees have been planted. 26 carbon-neutral forests will be constructed for the Asian Games.

Ma Liyang said that in terms of long-term overall planning of event preparations and urban development, the Hangzhou Asian Games has introduced policies such as green and healthy building design guidelines, carbon inclusive emission reduction management methods, and developed the Asian Games carbon neutral data management, "Asian Games Carbon Platforms such as "Zhonghe - Collaboration on Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction" promote the extension of the comprehensive carbon practice results of the Asian Games to cities, which not only enables data traceability, but also provides practical cases for collaborative innovation in pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and provides green and low-carbon management of large-scale events. refer to.

When it comes to competition time, athletes can use various green behaviors to reduce carbon emissions in competition and life. At the same time, they can also use the "Yunshang Asian Games Village" low-carbon account to accumulate points to redeem green and low-carbon products, participate in green theme activities, etc. Participate in Asian Games carbon neutrality. Audiences can reduce carbon emissions by choosing green viewing behaviors such as electronic tickets, green travel, and garbage sorting. Ma Liyang said that while implementing the basic work of carbon neutrality of the Asian Games, it will further enrich the participation carriers for athletes, spectators and other groups during the games, allowing guests and athletes at home and abroad to leave more beautiful green memories.

Currently, green and low-carbon development and addressing climate change have become global consensus.

Tendi also fully implements green production and design.

In production: The park updates environmental monitoring, waste gas treatment and other equipment.

In the design: Optimize the design of oil circuit and mechanical action. Reduce the overall energy consumption of machinery while maintaining production quality.





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