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The world's first CT150 coiled tubing set off from Baoji Steel Pipe

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At 11:00 am on June 15th, with the starting order of Shu Gaoxin, executive director and party secretary of the company, the world's first CT150 coiled tube with the highest strength level, condensed with the wisdom and sweat of Baoguan people, set off from the birthplace of welded pipes in China. , out of the factory to the well site, to the forefront of oil and gas exploration and development. Huang Qiaolin, member of the company's party committee and chief accountant, attended the ceremony.

On June 10, after several hours of continuous and stable production, the CT150 steel grade independently developed by the company, with a diameter of 50.8 mm, a wall thickness of 4.0 mm and a length of 7,000 meters, was successfully rolled off the production line in the coiled tubing factory. Five days later, with the warm applause and cheers of the staff on site, the world's first CT150 coiled tube set off smoothly.

Zhao Kun, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Coiled Tubing Company, presided over the shipping ceremony. Zhang Jingang, secretary of the Party Committee of the Steel Pipe Research Institute, introduced the research and development of CT150 coiled tubing, and Wang Xi, deputy general manager of the coiled tubing company, introduced the production and market development of CT150 coiled tubing.

In recent years, the development of unconventional oil and gas resources such as ultra-deep wells, ultra-long horizontal wells, and high-pressure oil and gas wells has put forward higher and higher requirements for the strength, performance and quality of coiled tubing. Faced with a series of challenges encountered in the R&D and production of ultra-high-strength coiled tubing, the Steel Pipe Research Institute and the coiled tubing company have cooperated in production and research to jointly tackle key problems. With a series of technical problems such as strength and toughness matching technology and ultra-high-strength material welding technology, we independently developed ultra-high-strength CT150 coiled tubing products.

It is understood that the strength level of CT150 steel coiled tubing exceeds 1100 MPa, which has good buckling resistance, torsion resistance and pressure bearing capacity, as well as many advantages such as high strength, large pressure bearing, and long service life. It is currently the highest strength level in the world. The coiled tubing products can be used for complex operation requirements of deep wells, ultra-deep wells, shale gas ultra-long horizontal wells and ultra-high pressure wells at home and abroad. With the successful R&D, production and delivery of this product, it not only provides a powerful weapon for the exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas resources at home and abroad, but also marks that the R&D capability and manufacturing technology of domestic coiled tubing have begun to lead the world.

After the delivery ceremony, Shu Gaoxin shook hands with the on-site R&D personnel and front-line employees, and expressed warm congratulations and sincere thanks to all the participating units and personnel on behalf of the company's party committee. Shu Gaoxin pointed out that the new CT150 coiled tube product not only fills the international gap, but also adds a new weapon to the high-quality development of Baoji Steel Pipe. The marketing work is done well, so that the equipment made by Baoji Steel Pipe will shine a new brilliance on the stage of oil and gas exploration and development.





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