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Innovations and efforts made by TENGDI MACHINERY for the pipeline industry to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality

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The innovation and efforts made by TENGDI Machinery for the pipeline industry to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

As a highly industrialized country, China's carbon emissions are mainly concentrated in power generation and industrial sectors. In order to achieve "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" goals.

There are three key questions:

1. Eliminate excess capacity and optimize industrial structure

Improve the efficiency of industrial processes through technological innovation; improve environmental impact assessment and energy technology evaluation standards, adjust the investment access threshold for high-energy-consuming industries, and limit the disorderly expansion of production capacity in high-energy-consuming industries; prioritize the deployment of energy-saving technologies and control the total energy demand; Innovations to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy demand through approaches such as material substitution and the circular economy;

2. Build a modern industrial system and accelerate the process of industrial digitalization

Structural adjustment of the manufacturing industry, regulating the overall scale of industrial energy demand and gradually reducing carbon intensity; improving the electrification level of the industrial sector through digital transformation and electric energy substitution technologies, and developing electric energy substitution technologies such as electric furnace steelmaking, electric kilns, and induction kilns;

3. Use low-carbon fuel/feedstock replacement technologies

Break through the technical route of deep decarbonization in the future such as hydrogen energy steelmaking technology, and replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen or biomass energy for facilities that are difficult to achieve electrification; apply CCUS technology in high-concentration carbon dioxide facilities to reduce carbon emissions in the industrial field.

Tengdi adheres to international low-carbon technology and development, continuously optimizes and innovates new and excellent equipment, and achieves new breakthroughs in cost reduction and efficiency increase.

1. The innovative tube mill cooling tower reduces the discharge of industrial wastewater.

The innovative cooling water tower and multi-ring pipeline not only improve the cooling efficiency, but also reduce the energy consumption standard. And reached cooperation with domestic advanced filter material research and development enterprises, while effectively filtering impurities in the water, the filter can be recycled, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.

2. Multifunctional tube mill/reforming machine, reduce the consumption of consumables and achieve the purpose of multi-product single-line production.

Ordinary forming units require manual or electric loading and unloading of rolls when they want to produce other specifications, which takes 1-3 hours. However, TENGDI's new forming machines use unique wheel-type roll changing technology to achieve one-click roll change. The entire line is replaced with rollers. 10 minute roll change. Time and labor losses are greatly reduced.

3. The plasma cutting machine greatly reduces the cost in the pipe production process, reducing energy consumption by 1,000 yuan per 100 tons.

New plasma saw for in-line cutting of heavy profiles and tubes. Special-shaped cutting is possible. In the next stage, it will not be named after the saw, but will be renamed the plasma machining center. In the process of producing steel pipes, special-shaped hole sections such as bolt holes can be processed. Greatly enhance the added value of the production line.

Secondly, taking the cutting of 219mm pipes as an example, after calculation, compared with traditional hot saw cutting, the energy consumption is reduced by one-fifth, and the consumption cost is reduced by 1,000 yuan per 100 tons.





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