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The World Cup in Qatar has not yet opened, but "Made in China" has appeared

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The countdown to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which fans have been looking forward to, has entered. Although the Chinese men's football team missed the competition, "Made in China" has played an important role in this world competition. From small souvenirs and daily necessities to large buses and stadiums, China-made World Cup-related products have covered the international engineering industry, new energy vehicle industry, sporting goods industry, cross-border e-commerce industry, light industry, etc.

Professionals believe that "Made in China" already has global influence in the world's major sports derivatives industry, and Chinese overseas companies have increasingly strong awareness of intellectual property rights and brand globalization, and are shifting from "products" to "brands". convert.

Consumption Opportunities Triggered by the World Cup

Jiang Xiaoxiao, Director of CIC Consulting, told Shanghai Securities News that taking Yiwu, the "world capital of small commodities", as an example, orders for World Cup-related products have continued to explode, and production has entered a state of full capacity, carrying more than half of Qatar's demand for small commodities for the World Cup. "Compared with the previous one, this World Cup is expected to usher in a growth rate of over 10%."

Taking into account the leading role of the World Cup, the cross-border e-commerce platform has also been deployed early. For example, AliExpress announced a few days ago that it will set up a special World Cup for overseas consumers during the "Double 11" period.

As the timeline draws near, the Spanish sports brand Calme, which was reverse acquired by a Chinese foreign trade OEM in 2014, is currently stocking up for AliExpress consumers. Xu Xiaozheng, the head of the brand's cross-border e-commerce, predicts that through this year's overseas "Double 11", Kelme should be able to achieve a five-fold increase in sales on AliExpress.

According to the statistics of Alibaba International Station, as of October 12, there have been more than 20 World Cup-related industries, 33 product categories, and more than 10 million products have signed up to participate (World Cup special events), including sports shoes and apparel, football cards, Small national flags, beer sales uniforms, football supplies, fan supplies, etc. With the World Cup approaching, since October, the hot searches for football-related products on AliExpress have soared significantly. In Brazil, the search volume of "Brazilian football uniform" has nearly tripled from September; in Spain, the search volume of "football" has also increased by 2 times compared with September.

Hangzhou Fude Brand Management Co., Ltd. is the official authorized operator of the 2022 Qatar World Cup mascot and peripheral derivatives. It has previously been authorized by the 2014 Brazil World Cup and the 2018 Russia World Cup. Guo Zhihao, CEO of the company, told reporters that compared with previous years, the entry of short videos and live broadcasts (in recent years) will bring earth-shaking changes to the marketing of derivative products for this World Cup. "The sales of the last Century Cup were about 40 to 50 million yuan. This year's World Cup (time span) covers the two major shopping festivals of 'Double 11' and 'Double 12', plus the blessing of live e-commerce , Including the C-end, it is expected to reach 100 million yuan this time." He said.

From small commodities to large equipment

In addition to peripheral products, Chinese products from manufacturing fields such as construction machinery, transportation equipment and electronic equipment have also stood on the world stage.

The reporter learned from the official website of Sany Equipment that this leading company in construction machinery has arranged nearly 100 sets of various types of equipment to participate in the construction of all 8 World Cup venues, including 15 truck cranes, 5 sets of 220-ton and 600-ton all-terrain cranes, 30 large excavators, 5 pump trucks, 20 mixer trucks, 3 rotary drills and 8 reachstackers, etc., are the Chinese brands with the highest participation in the construction of Qatar World Cup venues.

In addition, Jinggong Steel Structure and Juli Rigging also participated in the construction of related facilities for the World Cup in Qatar. China Railway Construction even undertook the construction of the main stadium of the World Cup in Qatar, the Lusail Stadium, as the general contractor of design and construction.

In terms of transportation, King Long won an order for 1,815 buses from the World Cup in Qatar, and Yutong Bus won a supply and service contract for 1,002 buses with a total order value of nearly 1.8 billion yuan.

In terms of consumer electronics, Hisense Video officially released new products such as the official TV U8H for the 2022 World Cup.

"Made in China" is not limited to Chinese products, and China's plans will also be fully unveiled at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Unilumin Technology, which is responsible for providing acousto-optic system event services for the World Cup, stated on the investor interaction platform that the company is the supplier of LED large screens for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Shanghai Jiajing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a solution provider in the field of environmental protection material technology. In early July this year, the company received an order from the general contractor for the Qatar World Cup to purchase a complete set of sewage treatment solutions. The products they provide will be used in the community infrastructure where stars and fans live. In the view of Liu Youling, chairman of the company, it is fortunate to win this world-class project because of the advantages of "high cost performance, long product line, and whole industrial chain" made in China. "We just completed a sales action based on our country's strong product strength." Liu Youling said.

From "going global with products" to "going global with brands"

"In the past two World Cups, the number of Chinese companies involved has continued to increase, which shows that China's economic rise has already produced a number of consumer electronics, food and real estate companies with superior international competitiveness." Jiang Xiaoxiao said.

He told reporters that since the "Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, Chinese enterprises have been adhering to the "going out" strategy and actively exploring overseas markets. Specifically, China's international engineering industry is developing rapidly and has a wide range of contact with the world economy; the innovation and production capacity of the new energy industry is internationally leading, and it supplies the world; the production of small commodities is mainly in coastal areas such as Yiwu, and integrates domestic supply chain advantages to achieve high High-quality, low-price products are exported to foreign countries, and are deeply loved by overseas consumers.

"Made in China already has a global influence in the sports derivatives industry of the world's major events, but at present we still play the role of producers in the industry chain, and the vast majority of profits are still in the hands of sports event organizers and related IP owners. They control IP authorization, derivative development rights, pricing rights, and sales rights." Ji Gang, a partner of Roland Berger, said in an interview with a reporter from Shanghai Securities News.

He believes that participating in the IP authorized production of sports events is actually gradually changing this low-end OEM model and developing towards the direction of "design + brand" construction. More and more Chinese overseas companies have strong intellectual property rights and brands. With the awareness of globalization construction, Chinese enterprises are shifting from "going overseas with products" to "going overseas with brands".





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