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How to ensure the accuracy of the longitudinal cutting line of the slitting machine in the steel pipe industry

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By improving the bearing clearance measurement method and method of the slitting machine, the machining accuracy is ensured, the operation is more convenient, and the machining production efficiency is improved. Through the functional analysis of the practice of the high-speed precision carbon steel coil slitting machine, the hydraulic system is designed and drawn. The schematic diagram of the hydraulic system, and the necessary calculations for the hydraulic system are carried out.

According to the test and analysis results of the equipment, the main shaft of the disc cutter was re-fixed, the hydraulic tension braking force of the uncoiler was increased, the working principle of the neutral roller hydraulic circuit was improved, and the use of new separation gaskets was promoted, which completely solved the problem of separation. For cutting process equipment, the problem is to make the whole set of equipment work. After establishing the mathematical model of the relevant parameters of the equipment, program the parameters of the vacuum tension roller through language, which provides a convenient and time-saving method for calculating the relevant parameters in the future.

At the same time, it is used to simulate and analyze the smoothness of the steel strip at the entrance and exit of the roll body, as well as the application part of the steel strip included in the roll body. First, the slitting machine establishes a model control system through software, and then uses the software to simulate the test. At the same time, the air flow under the working state of the vacuum tension roller is also understood, and the adaptability of the structure of the device is verified. According to the coordinates of the surface defects of the steel strip and the maximum yield of the given shear width, the calculation is carried out to effectively solve the problem. The problem of serious defects in cutting small rolls is solved, and the processing quality of products is significantly improved.

Nowadays, the slitting machine has the highest precision requirements for the longitudinal cutting line, which directly affects the quality of the strip. The rationality of the upper and lower knife axes of the slitting machine affects the accuracy of the slitting machine. The current blueprint analysis of the slitting machine, understand In order to effectively match the tool, the main parameters of the current vacuum tension roller include vacuum degree, vacuum suction, etc., which determine the value of the tension value provided by the equipment to the strip, so the setting parameters of this type of equipment are very important





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