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Maintenance and maintenance of high frequency welded pipe production line

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The high-frequency welded pipe unit will be damaged during normal use, so you must take good care of it during use, otherwise the machine will be particularly difficult to use and the problem of jamming will occur. Check whether all parts of the machine can work normally and whether there is any failure, only if there is no loss or abnormality, can investment and production be started.

For the high-frequency welded pipe unit, in the process of mechanical production, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature and production conditions of the machine are stable. If there is noise or some unstable operation, it must be carefully checked. See if there's something wrong with these parts, if there's some bigger damage. The machine itself is an aging process, which requires regular lubrication and cleaning to ensure the cleanliness and use of the machine.

Only in this way can the welded pipe unit run normally, it will be very convenient in the process of use, and there will be no difficult problems. The aging of the machine is too normal, and after aging, proper maintenance should be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Even if we no longer use it in normal times, we need to place it properly, otherwise discarding it will only make the product worse and worse.

Galvanizing in daily life is a good way to prolong the service life of the welded pipe unit. You can use a special lubricant to prevent the welded pipe unit from rusting. The lubricated parts need to be lubricated on schedule. You need to carry out a surface degreasing before galvanizing. Degreasing refers to cleaning up all the oil stains and dirt on the outside of the black pipe. In order to prevent the effect of cleaning and pickling, the daily alkaline cleaning can be carried out by caustic soda.

It is possible to wash with water and pickling and then wash with water. Although some dirt is cleaned with alkali, the effect of alkali cleaning and acid cleaning on dirt is different. The purpose of pickling is to cover a layer of anti-oxidation iron on the surface of the machine, and the depth is relatively large, easy to clean, and has no effect on galvanizing.





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