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Seven maintenances make the slitting machine look brand new as a whole

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Seven maintenances make the slitting machine look brand new as a whole

In the usual industrial production, the equipment is the same as the human being. After long-term work, it must be rested and maintained. This is the case with slitting machines. After long-term work, basic maintenance must be carried out. The following People have summed up the seven countermeasures for the maintenance of general slitting machines. Let's get to know them.

(1) The necessary lubrication work should be carried out in the lubrication position of the machinery and equipment to ensure the service life of the machinery and equipment.

(2) Gear oil should be replaced once a year to ensure oil quality.

(3) Check whether the main parameters of the manufacturing technical standard are matched with the technical parameters of the machine and equipment.

(4) Whether the software environment of the machinery and equipment is clean and hygienic, and if there is any dirt, it should be eliminated immediately.

(5) During the whole process of operation of the machinery and equipment, whether there is abnormal noise, vibration, heat, or odor, if there is any, it should be solved immediately.

(6) The spare parts and easy-to-loose components in the machinery and equipment should also be checked frequently, whether the spare parts must be replaced, and whether the easy-to-loose parts are loose, etc.

(7) Couplings, braking system equipment, safety devices, fuel pipes, automobile fuel tanks and their dashboards in the slitting unit must be inspected, and must not be ignored at all. Whether the fuel pipes are unobstructed , whether each component is normal, and whether the remaining oil is sufficient, etc., if there is a problem, it should be solved immediately.

The common faults of the CNC lathe of the slitting machine are the same as the common faults of other equipment. If a position is not good, all the CNC lathe lines will be harmed. To clear this common fault, it is necessary to stipulate that the application staff of the slitting machine have a very high level. Work experience and have a careful and careful inventory one by one. At the level of common fault analysis and inventory of CNC lathes for slitting machines, enterprises want to provide you with relevant professional knowledge and relevant information for free, and to deal with these difficulties as much as possible for you.





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