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Process flow and related introduction of high-quality high-frequency welded pipe machine to produce high-frequency welded pipe

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High-frequency welding is a type of welding method that uses the resistance heat generated by the high-frequency current flowing through the continuous contact surface of the workpiece to achieve mutual connection between the metals of the workpiece under the condition of applying an upsetting force. This welding method is similar to ordinary resistance welding, but there are many important differences.

The high-quality high-frequency pipe welding machine has a large power supply, and can achieve high welding speed for steel pipes of different materials, diameters and wall thicknesses (more than 10 times higher than the highest welding speed of argon arc welding). Therefore, the production of general-purpose steel pipes by high-frequency welding has higher productivity because of the high-frequency welding speed, which brings difficulties in the removal of burrs in welded pipes. This is also the reason why high-frequency welded steel pipes cannot be accepted by the chemical and nuclear industries at present. one. From the perspective of welding materials, high-frequency welding can weld various types of steel pipes.

High-frequency welded pipe production process:

1. The influence of raw materials on the welding quality of steel pipes. The factors affecting the quality of raw materials mainly include three aspects: unstable mechanical properties of steel strips, surface defects of steel strips, and large deviations in geometric dimensions.

2. In the production process of high-frequency welded pipes, how to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of technical standards and the needs of customers, it is necessary to analyze the factors affecting product quality in the production process of steel pipes. Therefore, in the steel pipe production process, the three links of raw materials, welding process and roll adjustment should be controlled emphatically.

3. The influence of high-frequency welding on the quality of steel pipes. In the process of high-frequency welding of steel pipes, the welding process and the control of process parameters, the placement of induction coils and impedances, etc. have a great influence on the welding quality of steel pipe welds.

4. The influence of roll adjustment on steel pipe quality. It can be seen from the analysis diagram of steel pipe waste that roll adjustment is an operation process for steel pipes. During the production process, when the rolls are damaged or worn seriously, some rolls need to be replaced on the unit, or a complete set of rolls needs to be replaced if a certain variety has been produced in sufficient quantity. At this time, the roll should be adjusted to obtain good steel pipe quality. If the rolls are not adjusted properly, it is easy to cause defects such as twisting of the pipe seam, lap welding, edge waves, bulges, indentations or scratches on the surface of the pipe body, and large ellipticity of the steel pipe. Therefore, the adjustment of the rolls should be mastered when changing the rolls. Skill.





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