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Magnetic arc blowing phenomenon in steel pipe welding

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During the welding operation, the phenomenon that the magnetic arc blowing affects the welding process sometimes occurs. The formation of the magnetic arc blow is the result of the presence of residual magnetism in the pipe metal.

Generally, residual magnetism is divided into two types: induction magnetism and process magnetism. Inductive magnetism often occurs in the process of pipe making in factories, such as: metal smelting, electromagnetic cranes for loading and unloading, steel pipes parked in strong magnetic fields, non-destructive inspections completed by magnetization, steel pipes placed close to strong power supply lines, etc.

Process magnetism often occurs in assembly and welding operations and when magnetic grippers, fixtures and pipes are welded with DC power, such as: long-term contact with electrical wires connected to DC power sources, exposed sections of wires or short circuits between welding tongs and pipes, etc.

When welding magnetic steel pipes, there are often problems such as difficulty in arc ignition, destruction of arc combustion stability, arc deviation in the magnetic field, and splashing of liquid metal and slag from the welding pool. In order to stabilize the welding process and improve the quality of the welded joint, the magnetized steel pipe must be demagnetized before welding.

In general, it is difficult to achieve complete demagnetization of welded steel pipes. Therefore, when the residual magnetism is not enough to affect the welding quality, welding is allowed.

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After the steel pipe is packed by electromagnetic adsorption, even if the demagnetization method is used, there is no way to completely eliminate the magnetism. It will lead to the phenomenon of magnetic arc blowing during the welding process.

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Adopt a new type of manipulator packaging method.

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