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Who Are The Good ERW Tube Mill Manufacturers?

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TENGDI Machinery is an ERW tube mill manufacturer. Our manufacturing factory is located in China and produces high-quality ERW Tube mill production lines. It is the preferred supplier for new and old customers.

We have advanced technology that can solve all problems on the erw pipe production linefor you. Our high-frequency pipe welding machine is a system that uses high-frequency welding technology to manufacture steel pipes. Welded pipe production lines usually include equipment such as decoilers, storage machines, forming machines, solid-state welders, sizing machines, flying shears and conveying systems. The ERW pipe factory production line is designed to efficiently produce welded steel pipes of various sizes and specifications, ensuring high quality and precision. This welded pipe production line technology allows for continuous production, precise control of the welding process, and the ability to produce pipes with excellent dimensional consistency and surface finish.

ERW Tube Mill Manufacturer

Our high frequency pipe welding machines are equipped with several key features that increase their efficiency, productivity and quality:

1. Advanced control system: These production lines are equipped with advanced control systems that can accurately control various parameters such as welding speed, power, frequency, etc. to ensure consistent and accurate welding.

2. Automated process: Modern production lines with automated functions, including automatic coil feeding, straightening, pipe cutting, etc., minimize physical labor and improve production efficiency.

3. High speed welding: These production lines can achieve high welding speeds, resulting in increased productivity and faster turnaround times.

4. Quality monitoring: The integrated quality monitoring system continuously monitors and inspects the welding process to ensure welding defects and detect any potential defects or abnormalities.

5. Loading and unloading handling systems: Efficient loading and unloading handling systems, such as decoilers, stockers and pipe machine systems, are incorporated into the production line to facilitate seamless inventory flow and reduce a lot of time.

6. Energy-saving design: These production lines adopt energy-saving design to optimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

7. Quick setup and quick changeover: Modern production lines have setup and changeover capabilities that can easily adjust between different pipe sizes and specifications.

8. Integration with data management system: The production line can be integrated with the data management system to realize real-time monitoring, tracking and analysis of production indicators, thereby improving productivity and quality control.

Together, these key features make modern high-frequency welded steel pipe production lines efficient and flexible, capable of delivering high-quality pipes that meet industry standards and customer requirements.

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