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What Are The Uses of Tube Mill in Various Industries?

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As a versatile equipment for producing high-frequency welded pipes, tube mills are capable of manufacturing various types of steel pipes, including square pipes, round pipes, and profiles. They are also suitable for processing a variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and more, employing different production processes. Widely used across industries, tube mills are indispensable machinery in every country, offering promising prospects. 

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Below are common applications in different sectors:

Construction Sector:

The most common building structural pipes are steel pipes for scaffolding. They have uniform sizes and thick wall thickness. The biggest requirements for tube mill are large production capacity and fast production speed. There are also steel structural steel pipes, which require pipe machines to produce products that are strong enough and are widely used in construction.

Automotive Industry:

Utilized in exhaust pipes, chassis components, transmission shafts, and seat pipes, automotive pipes require high precision, small diameters, and thick walls. According to data from the Steel Pipe Branch of the China Steel Structure Association, precision steel pipes for automobiles have high technological requirements, accounting for about 3% of the entire steel pipe industry's production and sales volume.

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Furniture Steel Pipes:

Widely used in beds, tables, chairs, and cabinets, furniture pipes have relatively low technical requirements. Finished steel pipes need to be sturdy, thin-walled, and flexible for bending, electroplating, and spraying processing.

Oil and Gas Industry:

Tube mills are employed in manufacturing pipes and tubing for oil and gas transportation, including drilling pipes, casing pipes, and pipelines. Due to the large transport volume, good sealing, and high pressure requirements of oil and gas pipelines, tube mills must meet higher technological demands, including additional production processes such as edge milling machines and corresponding inspection devices.

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Energy Sector:

Tube mills are utilized in the energy sector for producing pipes and tubes used in power plants, renewable energy systems, and transmission lines.


In the transportation sector, tube mills are used for manufacturing components for ships, trains, and aerospace applications.

In conclusion, tube mills serve various purposes across different industries. Their versatility and high efficiency make them indispensable tools in modern manufacturing processes, representing a thriving industry. With sixteen years of experience in tube mill manufacturing, our company possesses rich expertise and successful case studies. We hope our equipment can soon start producing steel pipes in your factory.





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