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Stainless Steel Tube Pipe Making Machine

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Are you looking for high-quality steel pipe that will provide exceptional performance? 

Tengdi Machinery is an excellent steel pipe making machine manufacturer with whom to explore collaborating. Tengdi provide a large selection of various steel pipe making machine choices that are intended to meet your unique requirements. We can be sure that you will get the finest steel pipe making line option for your needs. Tengdi collaborate with skilled specialists who contribute their years of experience and guarantee that all of our works meet the highest standards.

Stainless Steel Tube Pipe Making Machine

1. Stainless steel industrial control pipe machine The stainless steel industrial pipe machine is mainly used in the manufacture of industrial stainless steel pipes, water pipes, natural gas, nuclear power generation pipes, etc. Due to the maturity of stainless steel welded pipe technology, seamless pipes have been obtained in many fields (such as chemical industry, Pharmaceutical, winery, petroleum, food, automobile, paper, air-conditioning and other industries and have been widely used). 2. Automated production process: After uncoiling, cleaning device, feeding guide, forming, welding, internal welding leveling, external welding seam grinding, shaping and sizing, solid solution treatment, final sizing, straightening, flaw detection, coding, fixed length

2. Automated production process:

After uncoiling, cleaning device, feeding guide, forming, welding, internal welding leveling, external welding seam grinding, shaping and sizing, solid solution treatment, final sizing, straightening, flaw detection, coding, sizing, cutting (disc Roll), splicing and other continuous molding process, fine structure, easy operation.

3. Product features: 

The machine is solid, durable, high precision, fully automated, easy to operate, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, high yield and low production cost.

Operation precautions:

Ensure smooth production and meet product requirements.

1.2 Effectively maintain the equipment.

1.3 Write reasonable operating instructions to ensure that the production plan and product quality achieve the predetermined goals.

2 scope of use:

Workshop control department.

3 rules:

3.1 When each shift is handed over, ensure effective external cleaning of the equipment, and have relevant cleaning records.

3.2 Accurately grasp the operation of the machine before going to work and handover shifts, and coordinate in time to ensure normal production. Pay attention to whether the water, gas and electricity are turned on or not, and whether the grinding wheel, saw blade and cutting table are operating normally.

4 boot:

4.0 Before starting the machine, according to the lubrication requirements, inject different lubricating oil into the parts that need to be filled with lubricating oil

4.1 First check whether each electrical switch is at 0, and then turn on the power.

4.2 Check whether the mechanical parts and pneumatic system are normal. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, it should be checked and eliminated in time to avoid mechanical equipment accidents.

4.3 Check whether the gear position of the transmission is correct, otherwise there will be quality problems, and whether the pressure gauge of the cutting machine reaches 0.5-0.7mpa, otherwise it cannot be cut.

4.4 Let the motor run dry for 2-3 minutes every morning when you go to work, the transmission gear is set to 0, and the operator is not allowed to leave the machine tool or do other irrelevant things while driving.

4.5 It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to turn on the machine, long-sleeved clothes must wear sleeves, and long hair must wear a hat.

4.6 Do not wipe the rotating parts when starting the machine.

4.7 Correctly adjust the mold, do not press down vigorously, just put it in place.

4.8 During the running process, it is not allowed to leave the machine tool, and it is not allowed to do other irrelevant things, and pay attention to whether the welding joint is normal.

4.9 During the pipe making process, tape cutting must be approved by the workshop director, stored in the tape release area, and recorded in detail on the "Production Process Card" in cooperation with the sling operator, and must not be discarded at will.

4.10 If various abnormal phenomena are found during operation, such as smoke, burnt smell, sudden blown fuse, sudden extinguishment of the indicator light, turn off the power switch in time to check clearly, and then start the operation after troubleshooting.

4.11 The length of the product should be checked frequently, and it should not exceed 6.01 meters and not less than 6.0 meters. Strictly controlled between 4mm. The pipes on the pipe unloading rack cannot exceed 95% of the total capacity, and the flat mouth personnel should be asked to lift them in time, otherwise the operator will be responsible for the damage.

5. Downtime:

5.1 Turn off the power when the welding machine stops.

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Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes. We are manufacturer. We have our own technical team. Welcome to visit us.

Q: What payment terms do you accept?

A: We are flexible on payment terms, please contact us for details!

Q: What info you need before you make the proposal?

A: The pipe diameter and thickness range which you need or the profile drawings material information, your special requirements and speed of the machine.

Q: How do you do QA?

A: We have special team do strict QA, this is our strengths:  

(1)Every gear box will be tested for 8 hours with oil inside to guarantee there is no leak.

(2)Every shaft will be inspected for the centering jumpiness.

(3)Every roller will be checked to make sure it is in the range of tolerance critical parts will be inspected for all dimensions.





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