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High Speed Flying Cold Saw

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Are you looking for a high speed cold cut that delivers exceptional performance?

Tengdi Machinery is an excellent manufacturer of steel pipe making machines, which is worth exploring for cooperation. Tendy offers a variety of high speed cold cuts designed to meet your unique requirements. We can be confident that you will get the best high speed cold cut option for your needs. Tendy works with highly skilled specialists who contribute their years of experience and guarantee that all of our work is of the highest standard.

High Speed Flying Cold Saw

Metal cold sawing or metal cold sawing is the abbreviation for the sawing process of metal circular saws. Full name in English: Circular Cold Sawing In the process of metal sawing, the heat generated when the saw blade saws the workpiece is transferred to the sawdust through the saw teeth, and the sawed workpiece and saw blade are kept cool, so it is called cold sawing.

Types of cold saws

There are 2 types of Cold Saw Blade:

High speed steel cold cutting saw blade

High speed steel cold cutting saw blade

High speed steel saw blade (HSS) and TCT insert alloy saw blade

The materials of high-speed steel saw blades mainly include M2 and M35. The general sawing speed of saw blades is between 10-150 m/s, depending on the material and specifications of the sawing workpiece; the coated high-speed steel saw blades, the sawing speed can be Up to 250 m/min. The tooth feed rate of the saw blade is between 0.03-0.15 mm/tooth, depending on the power, torque and quality of the saw blade of the sawing equipment.

The outer diameter of the saw blade: 50-650 mm; the hardness of the saw blade is HRC 65; the saw blade can be ground, depending on the size of the sawing workpiece, generally it can be ground 15-20 times. The sawing life of the saw blade is 0.3-1 square meters (the area of the end face of the sawing workpiece) and the specification of the larger high-speed steel saw blade; generally, the insert high-speed steel is used (also available above 2000 mm); the saw teeth are made of insert high-speed steel, the saw The substrate of the sheet is vanadium steel or manganese steel.

High speed steel cold saw - partial

High speed steel cold saw - partial

The material of the TCT tooth alloy is tungsten steel; the general sawing speed of the saw blade is between 60-380 m/s, depending on the material and specification of the sawing workpiece; the tooth feed rate of the tungsten steel saw blade is between 0.04-0.08 .

Saw blade specification: 250-780 mm; there are two types of TCT saw blades for cutting iron, one is small teeth, the saw blade is thin, the sawing speed is high, the saw blade life is long, about 15-50 square meters; it is a discarded saw One is large teeth, the saw blade is thick, and the sawing speed is low, which is suitable for sawing large-scale workpieces; the diameter of the saw blade can reach more than 2000 mm. The service life of the saw blade is generally about 8 square meters, and it can be ground 5-10 times.

contrast difference

(compared to manganese steel flying saw)

Cold sawing is different from friction sawing, mainly in the way of cutting:

Manganese steel flying saw blade: Manganese steel saw blade rotates at high speed and rubs against the workpiece and the friction saw blade. During the sawing process, the temperature of the friction saw and the workpiece is very high, and the heat generated by the contact with the welded pipe causes it to disconnect, which is actually burnt. . High burn marks are visible on the surface.

High-speed steel cold cutting saw: rely on the high-speed steel saw blade to rotate slowly to mill the welded pipe, so it can be burr-free and noise-free.


The sawing speed is fast, the cutting efficiency is optimized, and the work efficiency is high; the saw blade deflection is low, the section of the steel pipe to be sawed has no burrs, the sawing accuracy of the workpiece is improved, and the service life of the saw blade is maximized.

1. The sawing method of cold milling is adopted. The sawing process generates little heat, which avoids the change of internal stress and material structure at the cut section. At the same time, the saw blade has a small pressure on the steel pipe, which will not cause the pipe wall orifice out of shape.

2. The quality of the cut end surface of the workpiece processed by the high-speed steel cold-cut saw is good:

Adopting the optimized cutting method, the cross section after cutting has high precision, no burrs inside and outside, the cutting surface is smooth and clean, and there is no need for subsequent processing such as flat head chamfering (reducing the processing intensity of the next process), saving processes and raw materials; the workpiece will not The high temperature generated by friction changes the material; the fatigue of the operator is low, and the sawing efficiency is improved; there is no spark, no dust, no noise during the sawing process; environmental protection and energy saving.

3. Long service life, you can use the saw blade grinding machine to repeatedly grind the teeth, the service life of the saw blade after grinding is the same as that of the new saw blade. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs.












Q: Are you a manufacturer?

Answer: Yes. We are manufacturers. We have our own technical team. Welcome to visit us.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Our payment terms are flexible, please contact us for details!

Q: What information do you need before making a recommendation?

Answer: The pipe diameter and thickness range or profile drawing material information you need, your special requirements and the speed of the machine.

Q: How do you do QA?

A: We have a dedicated team to do strict QA, which is our strength:

(1) Each gearbox will be tested for 8 hours with oil inside to ensure no leakage.

(2) The centering jump of each axis will be checked.

(3) Each roll will be inspected to ensure it is within tolerance and key components will be inspected against all dimensions.





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