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Growth and Strengths: Tengdi 350*350mm Welded Pipe Production Line

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Since its establishment, Tengdi has been committed to becoming a leader in the field of welded pipe production line manufacturing. After years of hard work and innovation, we are pleased to announce that we have collaborated with our Indian client, MKK Group, to create an important welded pipe production line project utilizing the advanced DFT technology with specifications of 350*350mm. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for Tengdi, but also serves as a strong validation of our relentless pursuit of quality and efficiency.

We take pride in our 350*350mm welded pipe production line, which showcases Tengdi's continuous investment and enhancement in technology research and development, as well as manufacturing. From our initial small-scale production to our current status as a mature manufacturer, our continuously improved production line technology and standardized manufacturing processes enable us to provide customers with high-quality and high-efficiency solutions.

The welded pipe production line, with specifications of 350*350mm and utilizing DFT technology, boasts outstanding advantages, not only in technological innovation, but also in production efficiency and quality control. Our products combine advanced automation technology to achieve high-speed production and precision processing, while ensuring stable product quality and consistency. The application of DFT technology has taken our production line to new heights in terms of efficiency improvement and cost reduction, providing customers with more competitive solutions.

The collaboration with MKK Group signifies Tengdi's continued growth and development in the international market. We are honored to have collaborated with MKK Group to jointly create a 350*350mm welded pipe production line utilizing DFT technology. This collaboration has set a new industry benchmark for their construction of heavy-duty production lines in the domestic market, reflecting our unwavering pursuit of quality and efficiency.

Tengdi will continue to focus on technological innovation and quality improvement to provide customers with higher quality products and services. We look forward to further collaborations with MKK Group in the future and will continue to provide them with outstanding solutions to help them achieve their business objectives. At the same time, we also look forward to working with more customers to provide them with customized solutions, thereby achieving mutual business growth and success.





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