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TD 140 Tube Mill(51-140mm)

Model Number:
Max Pipe Diameter:
Maximum Dhickness:
Comprehensive scheme customization of equipment
Lifetime maintenance

140 ERW Tube Mill details

The ERW 140 high-frequency straight seam welded pipe production line tube mill equipment is engineered for manufacturing cylindrical tubes ranging from 51mm to 140mm in diameter, with wall thicknesses spanning from 1.1mm to 6.0mm, as well as square tubes measuring 40*40 to 110*110 and rectangular tubes ranging from 30*50 to 100*120.

Type HF Solid state steel pipe welding production line Line speed ≤80m/min
Round pipe dia Φ51-Φ140 mm Round pipe thickness 1.1 - 6.0mm
Square tube size 40*40-110*110mm Square tube thickness 1.1 - 6.0mm
Rectangular tube 30*50-100*120mm
Rectangular tube thickness 1.1 - 6.0mm
Pipe material Carbon steel/Galvanized steel Forming method Round tube to square tube, quick change system
fly saw
erw tube mill machine

140 Tube Mill Machine Production Process

1. Feeding and Preprocessing: This step involves loading the raw material (usually steel coils) onto the machine and conducting necessary preprocessing, such as inspecting the size and quality of the steel coils.

2. Flattening and Cutting: In this step, the steel coils are flattened and cut into appropriate-sized steel strips as needed for the subsequent welding process.

3. Forming and Welding: The ERW tube mill uses high-frequency straight seam welding technology and forming machines to weld the steel strips into tube shapes, forming the required tubing.

4. Shaping and Straightening: After welding, the tubing may have some deviations in shape and size, so it needs to be adjusted through shaping and straightening processes to ensure it meets specifications.

5. Flying Saw Cutting: The welded and shaped tubing is cut to the desired lengths according to customer requirements, forming finished products.

6. Stacking and Packaging: The final step involves stacking and packaging the finished tubing using stacking machines or automatic packaging machines, and labeling them with relevant information for identification during transportation and use.

Tube mill diagram

We have a professional technical engineer department to provide you with tube mill machine drawings suitable for your factory

erw tube mill

tube mill machine finished pipe display IMG_5927

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