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Product Detail

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Steel Slitting Line

Brand:  Tengdi Machinery
Model Number: 
1350 coil slitting machine
Coil thickness:
Coil width:
Lead Time:          
Fully customized solution
1 year quality warranty


Quick Details

Cutting Width (mm): 10 - 9999 mm Material Thickness(mm): 0.2 - 1 mm
Core Components: PLC, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Cutting Speed(m/min): 10 - 120 mm Coil Weight (T): 15 T
Key Selling Points: High-accuracy Warranty: 1 Year
Coil thickness: 0.3-3mm Coil width: 100-1250mm
Width tolerance: ±0.05mm Line speed: 120m/min
Control system: PLC Material: Steel Material
After-sales service: After-sales service:Engineers can go overseas to repair machinery, on-site installation, commissioning and training

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details    According to the international maritime standards:

                               ---For large machine:

                               (1)Use steel wire and wood to fixed the large machines;

                           (2)Use shockproof film to protect the external motor.
                            ---For middle machine:Use wooden box,waterproof paper and shockproof film to pack the machines.

Port                        Foshan, Guangzhou ,Shenzhen

Video Description


product description

The slitting machine is also called vertical slitting line which are used to slit cold rolled steel coil,hot rolled steel coil,galvanized steel coil,silicone steel coil,stainless steel coil,aluminum coils etc into different width according to the user’s production demands and cut as well 

The smaller metal strips are recoiled at the end of the slitting machine by which  these smaller strips are used necessarily for the next process usage in the professional field of making transformers,motors making industry,tube/pipe welding mill industry,Cold roll forming  industry, ceiling drywall industry  and other high-precison equipment making and metal strips making industries. 

 According to the material slitting thickness there are thin plate or board slitting machine,media-thickness plate or board slitting machine and thick plate or board slitting machine. 

According to the metal materials there are copper strips slitting machine,stainless steel slitting machine,cold or hot rolled plate slitting machine,silicone steel slitting machine.                                              


Sheet thickness


   Coil Width


  No.of Slitting


  Line Speed


Coil Weight


1*650        0.2-1     150-650       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      3、5
1*850        0.2-1    300-850       30-8    ±0.05        0-120      5、10
1*1050        0.2-1    300-1050       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      5、10
1*1300        0.2-1    400-1300       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      10、15
2*650        0.3-2    150-650       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      3、5
2*850        0.3-2    300-850       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      5、10
2*1050        0.3-2    300-1050       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      5、10
2*1300        0.3-2    400-1300       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      10、15
2*1600        0.3-2    400-1600       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
2*2000        0.3-2    500-2000       30-8    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
       0.4-3    400-1300       30-6    ±0.05       0-120      10、15
3*1600        0.4-3    400-1600       30-6    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
3*2000        0.4-3    500-2000       30-6    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
4*1300        0.5-4    400-1300       30-6    ±0.05       0-120      10、15
4*1600        0.5-4    400-1600       30-6    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
4*2000        0.5-4    500-2000       30-6    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
6*1600        0.6-6    400-1600       30-5    ±0.05       0-120      15、20
6*2000        0.6-6    500-2000       30-5    ±0.05       0-120      15、20

The production flow of equipment

Coil loading car----Decoiler----loop pit 1-center aligner-----slitting machine--waste scrap winder- loop pit
2--pre-separator--tensioner---pressing separator--recoiler--manual packing-Unloading coil car


Packaging & Shipping


Company profile

Shijiazhuang Tengdi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. It was established in the spring of 2008. It is a high-tech equipment enterprise, specializing in the export business of high-frequency welded pipe equipment, metal strip coating and other metallurgical complete sets of equipment, technology and services.

Tengdi is committed to technology innovation and continuous process improvement of the metallurgical equipment. Tengdi Machinery was founded in the spring of 2008, We are divided into three departments: tube mill department, steel pipe & pipe fittings department and brick & tile machinery department.

First, tube mill department professional in the field of ERW tube production line, slitting line, spiral pipe production line; Relevant auxiliary equipment, such as accumulator, welder, flying saw, ends facer, hydraulic testing machine; Also equipment for workshop, like crane, saw blade grinding machine, trolley, etc.

Second, steel pipe & pipe fitting team specialized in JCOE (large straight seam double-sided arc welding) welded pipes.

Untitled design


1.Does one machine can only produce one size? 

Not exactly, it depends on the machine.

2. Do you have after-sales support? 

Yes, we are happy to give advice and also have skilled technicians available to maintain the machine if needed. 

3. How to visit your company? 

We can pick you up from Shanghai or Hangzhou airport. Or railway station Shaoxing North. 

4. What can you do if the machine is broken? 

Our machine's warranty period is 12months. if the broken parts can't repair, we can send the new parts to replace the broken parts, but you need to pay the express cost by yourself. if after the warranty period, we can through negotiation for solving the problems, and we supply the technical support for the whole life of the equipment. 

5. Can you be responsible for transport? 

Yes, please tell us the destination port or address. we have rich experience in transport. 

6. You are a trade company or factory? 

We are a Manufacturer. 

7. Why your price is higher than others? 

As we persist on that each factory should put quality in the first place. We spend time and money on developing how to make machines much more automatic, accurate, and high quality. We can make sure that our machine could use more than 20 years without any problem. 

8. Do you have overseas engineers? 

Yes, we not only provide overseas engineers but also provide technical training. 

9. Do you provide customized? 

Sure, we can design the equipment according to the data of the structural section you provide. We are a professional sheet metal forming machine designer and manufacturer.





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