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High Frequency Solid State Welder

Design parameters of solid state high frequency welder:
Brand:Tengdi Machinery
Rated output power:60-300KW
Rated DC voltage:UdN=235V
Rated DC current:500A
Out frequency:f=350~420kHz

Are you looking for a high-quality high-frequency welder with excellent performance?

The whole set of solid state HF welder comprises of the following seven parts: rectifier cabinet, transformer, inverter cabinet, console, 2D adjustable bracket, water cooler and output leg.Solid state HF welder is designed for straight seam induction welding of steel pipe and for continuous working., the whole set of equipment achieve the function of equipment linkage control and diagnosing faults by PLC system, the working statue is observed by LCD display. 

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high quality solid state hf welder

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high quality solid state welder

types of solid state welding

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Packaging-and-Shipping tengdi
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Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes. We are manufacturer. We have our own technical team. Welcome to visit us.

Q: What payment terms do you accept?

AWe are flexible on payment terms, please contact us for details!

Q: What info you need before you make the proposal?

A: The pipe diameter and thickness range which you need or the profile drawings material information, your special requirements and speed of the machine.

Q: How do you do QA?

A: We have special team do strict QA, this is our strengths:  

(1)Every gear box will be tested for 8 hours with oil inside to guarantee there is no leak.

(2)Every shaft will be inspected for the centering jumpiness.

(3)Every roller will be checked to make sure it is in the range of tolerance critical parts will be inspected for all dimensions.

 service machinery overseas.





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WhatsApp: +86-13073128165
E-mail: sales@tengdimc.com
  Add : No.298 of Zhonghua North Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei P.R. China
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  Skype: iriszhang888
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