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Steel Pipe Production Machine

Brand:Tengdi Machinery
Maximum Dhickness:
8-25mm(Square tube 10*10-20*20)
Lead Time:
Est. Time(days) 60
Comprehensive scheme customization of equipment
1 Year warranty

Are you looking for high-quality steel pipe that will provide exceptional performance? 

Tengdi Machinery is an excellent steel pipe making machine manufacturer with whom to explore collaborating. Tengdi provide a large selection of various steel pipe making machine choices that are intended to meet your unique requirements. We can be sure that you will get the finest steel pipe making line option for your needs. Tengdi collaborate with skilled specialists who contribute their years of experience and guarantee that all of our works meet the highest standards.

Steel Pipe Production Machine:

Steel pipes are divided into two categories according to their production process, one is seamed steel pipe and the other is seamless steel pipe. Seamed steel pipes are formed by coiling and welding of steel strips, and have welds; seamless steel pipes are made of high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel, with hot-rolled and cold-rolled distinctions, and steel pipes have no welds. The following mainly talks about the production equipment of seamed steel pipes - stainless steel pipe welding machine.

The stainless steel pipe welding machine, as the name implies, welds stainless steel pipes. The production process is: the material is introduced into the pipe welding machine equipment through the feeding rack and the feeding guide device, and the molds on the welding pipe machine are mutually extruded. Then grind the weld seam by grinding the machine base to make it seamless, and then adjust the diameter and straighten the pipe by the sizing and straightening unit, and then cut it to a fixed length, cut the material, the process of a pipe is completed, and then the pipe is polished , packing, warehousing, selling...

The seamed steel pipe is welded by a argon arc welding machine, so the existence of the weld seam can be seen from the pipe, but with the mature technology of welding pipe fittings by stainless steel pipe welding machines, the welded pipe fittings can now achieve seamless effects. When using a stainless steel pipe welding machine to weld the pipe, nitrogen protection is also used in conjunction with the welding port. From the end of the pipe, a white line can be found at the welding seam inside the pipe, which is the trace of nitrogen protection. Then, the internal and external welds are ground and leveled, and then the stress of the pipe is eliminated by annealing equipment, and the corrosion resistance is enhanced to achieve a seamless effect. The market influence of light pipes is gradually expanding.

Of course, seamed steel pipes are also divided into several categories in terms of materials. The common ones are stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, iron pipes, galvanized pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, etc. The production process and equipment of pipes of different materials will be different. Zhongpai Machinery specializes in the production of various types of stainless steel pipe production equipment. If necessary, you are welcome to come to consult and negotiate!

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Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes. We are manufacturer. We have our own technical team. Welcome to visit us.

Q: What payment terms do you accept?

A: We are flexible on payment terms, please contact us for details!

Q: What info you need before you make the proposal?

A: The pipe diameter and thickness range which you need or the profile drawings material information, your special requirements and speed of the machine.

Q: How do you do QA?

A: We have special team do strict QA, this is our strengths:  

(1)Every gear box will be tested for 8 hours with oil inside to guarantee there is no leak.

(2)Every shaft will be inspected for the centering jumpiness.

(3)Every roller will be checked to make sure it is in the range of tolerance critical parts will be inspected for all dimensions.





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